Must Have Ingredients in HGH Supplements

Buying HGH supplements is no problem these days as you can readily order them online without any need for prescription (only true for oral supplements). As a user there are hundreds of options available for you but the problem is

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Dental Clinics Can Help Your Teeth Look Amazing

Mouth care

Making a trip to the dentist is something that’s often characterized by many people as nerve-wracking or just plain inconvenient. It can mean time away from work or school, and it can sometimes create anxiety in those who don’t do

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Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a lady’s life. These nine months are very important for the baby as his or her overall development depends on the nourishments which the mother has taken during the pregnancy time.

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How To Select a Good Diet Plan To Reduce Weight

It has become very necessary for us to take care of our health appropriately nowadays. Most of us follow hectic schedule due to which it becomes very tough to find the time for exercise. If we are conscious for our

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How to get hydrated with something else than water

Fruit salad

You most probably heard that you should drink lots of water each day. Some specialists go as far as recommending 8 glasses of water per day and even more! Can you imagine drinking that much water per day? Each day

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3 Most Annoying Body Problems And How To Get Rid Of Them

Blisters Cause: Friction – wearing a tight shoe that rubs against your foot is the leading cause of this body problem. It appears by collecting fluid between the layers of the skin, which forms into a bubble-like blister. Other skin

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Great accessories for medical marijuana

If you have been prescribed medical marijuana, some accessories may make it easier for you to smoke and keep everything neat and tidy. The purpose of this article is not to give you information about obvious accessories – pipes, papers,

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The health benefits of inline skating

The Health Benefits Of Inline Skating

There are lots of different ways to stay fit and healthy during the summer months, including cycling, running and even playing soccer. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, why not try inline skating? It’s a wonderful

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Snoring is an irritating sound. We get pissed off right away especially when we are so tired of our daily jobs and we need to have a good night sleep. Sad to say, some who have partners that snore when

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Meditation And Your Heart


Although the mechanisms are not completely understood, there is a clear link between heart disease and stress. While this is something that we all believe instinctively, strong evidence is emerging now for the linkage from epidemiological studies, as well as

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CAUTION: Humans are nothing but polluted apes!

We humans have the feeling that we are much more evolved than animals. Well.. my impression is that this is just that, an impression. See below why! The average person is estimated to host 700 contaminants! Toxic compounds can be

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Top 10 strangest mental disorders around

Gautier Salpetriere

Each century tends to have its own specific mental disorders as a point of interest, last century we had hysteria, depression, now we have everything and anything. Take a look at the most bizarre mental disorders around. Some seem so

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Too much gastric (stomach) acid?

If you are reading this article I suppose you already have or had some unpleasant symptoms.. If that’s true, keep on reading! I’ll try to answer all your questions. What is this gastric (stomach) acidity thing and when do we have

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Why do we get sick?

Have you ever wondered why do people get sick? They find themselves having some symptoms and they get scared. They run to see their physician and their physician does what he or she knows the best: gives them some pills.

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Obesity in the United States

From 2009 until 2010 more than one-third of the US adults were obese! That’s 35.7 percent, to be more precise! For adults, overweight ranges are determined by using weight and height to calculate a number called the body mass index

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A day without food

We are so attached to food that we cannot imagine a day without it. Have you ever thought about what could happen if you would not eat an entire day? I have! And I even tried it out! Did you

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Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)

Have you already heard of the not-so-new Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)? Are you a Facebook addict? Similar with any other addiction, there are a few signs which can help us “diagnose” this so called FAD. Let’s take a look at the Facebook

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Attention! Excessive Facebook use can damage your relationship!

Facebook addiction and your relationship

Many people cannot imagine their life without the most popular social media site. Facebook is their best friend. They hang out on Facebook a few hours per day, they meet new friends and some of them are lucky enough to

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Are you drooling over the Pinterest food boards?

Researchers never sleep! After they proved that Twitter and Facebook contributes to weight gain – because if you are a Facebook and/or Twitter addict you tend to exercise less (Doh! Why did we need a study to find that out? Wasn’t it

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Top 5 Things You Should Bring to the Gym


It’s always great to go to the gym. You get such rush from being healthy and taking care of yourself. But let’s be honest, going to the gym can be a hassle. You have to figure out how to get

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Meat and poultry account for nearly a quarter of all foodborne illnesses

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says meat and poultry account for nearly a quarter of all foodborne illnesses. Beef, what some may think is a common cause of foodborne illness, accounted for only a slice

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For a better digestion, sleep on the left side

As an introductory note, I must say this: do not eat before going to bed! Eating before going to bed is not good for your health! You’ll have a hard time getting a good night sleep. It is recommended to have your last

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The Cost Of Obesity

Obesity is a growing epidemic and it’s very costly to both the person who happens to be obese and the health care system. According to this infographic 35.7% of adult Americans are obese and 17% of American children are! Obesity

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Is your doc physically fit? They should be! Find out why!

I guess we can all agree that sport is good for us. Doing some sort of sports on a daily basis will help us keep fit and healthy. Right? Still, when was the last time your doc prescribed exercise as

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April is the National Autism Awareness Month

Autism is more and more present in peoples’ lives and there is no known cure for it. April is the National Autism Awareness Month. Help create awareness.

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What to eat during Easter 2013

Easter (or the Pasch) is almost here! This year we celebrate Easter on 31st of March, if we are catholic, and on the 5th of May, if we are orthodox.  Even nonbelievers celebrate on this kind of occasions. It is

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Norovirus, the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis among children

Today, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent out a press release announcing that Norovirus is now the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis in US children. Noroviruses are a genetically diverse group of single-stranded RNA, non-enveloped viruses in the

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World Water Day 2013 – Saving lives and changing attitudes

Back in 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared 22 March as World Day for Water. This day was first formally proposed in Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro,

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75% of the meals we give to our toddlers have too much salt

A study presented in today’s meeting of the American Heart Association in New Orleans suggests that our kids eat too much salt. The products we buy and put on the table for our babies and toddlers contain too much salt!

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Lindsay Rosenwald and the biotechnology

American doctor Lindsay Rosenwald has been a prolific founder of development stage biotech companies. According to Wikipedia, Rosenwald has started many biotechnology companies who have over 100 licensed clinical-stage medicines. Many of those drugs were approved by the United States Food and

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International Day of Happiness

Many events these days!  After World Sleep Day and World Social Work Day, today is time to celebrate happiness! Today is the International Day of Happiness! On 28 June 2012 the United Nations General Assembly established the 20th of March to be the International Day of Happiness!

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FDA is asked to Restrict Caffeine in Energy Drinks

A few days ago we announced that green tea and coffee might reduce the risk of developing a stroke. Today, a new question was raised: how much caffeine is too much? And, is the recommended quantity of these substances the same

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World Social Work Day 2013

Video Message from the IFSW President Gary Bailey on the occasion of World Social Work Day 2013 The International Federation of Social Workers invites social workers all over the world to celebrate World Social Work Day this year on the 19th

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Does green tea and coffee reduce stroke risk?

According to a new study, researchers have found that green tea and coffee may reduce the risk of developing a stroke by 20%. The study was run on 83,000 people who drank green tea or coffee daily. According to Dr.

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Regular use of aspirin may decrease the risk to develop skin cancer

Melanoma skin cancer

A new study published in the Cancer journal suggests that aspirin may decrease the risk to develop one of the most serious kind of skin cancers, melanoma. The study was made with the help of 59,806 women, with ages between 50 and 79. There

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Grief and anxiety are not mental illnesses!

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States and even by professionals from outside the US. Their fifth edition (DMS-5), which will be available starting

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Good Sleep, Healthy Aging! Today is World Sleep Day

world sleep day

The World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) since 2008. It is aimed to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw

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Why Sweating Too Much Doesn’t Mean You’re Having Better Workout

Our body automatically adjusts to make sure we are not getting too much of something or too little of anything. The process of sweating is important to keep our body from overheating. Of course, there are other reasons why we

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Men’s Common Health Problems and Ways to Beat Them

Athlete’s Foot British research shows that men are twice more likely to develop athlete’s foot than women. The culprit? Research suggested that it’s tinea, a form of fungus that’s present in the locker-room floor, where most men log more time,

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Late-Night Craving Cures

So you’ve been up all night working (or finishing your papers and assignments or partying), and you feel hungry. Which food are you most likely to grab – an apple or a slice of pizza? We know pizza with pepperoni

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